Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tomato Egg

Tomato Egg
5 boiled egg
1 cup tomato's puree
2 onions
2 tsp garlic ,ginger paste
1/4 tsp black pepper corn
1 green capsicum
1-2 tomatoes
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
salt to taste
1 tsp sugar
a pinch of jeera (cumin seeds)
  • Peel the boiled egg skin and cut in to half,
  • Chop all the vegetable onion,tomatoes,and capsicum
  • Heat oil add the jeera,next the garlic ,ginger paste,turmeric powder ,and pepper corn and tomatoes puree and little water boiled for few minutes( 3-5 minutes)
  • Add the chopped onions,capsicum,and tomatoes cook for another few minutes when the vegetable cooked add salt,and sugar stir well .
  • the Gravy get thick remove and pour severing dish and arrange the boiled egg pieces
  • serve with rice or rodi

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