Tuesday, October 13, 2009


1 cup basan
3 cup sugar
3 cup ghee +1/2 cup dalda
6-8 table spoon water
a pinch of cooking soda

  • Take a large plate and one knife put 1 tsp ghee and greased the plate and knife ,(sprinkle 1 tsp sugar on the plate.)Keep aside.

  • Take heavy bottom pan or pressure cooker.Add water of to the sugar, mix well and prepare a sugar syrup .(pearl like consistency)
  • Meanwhile in heat another burner ,Heat the ghee keep on simmer in the pan.when the sugar syrup is this thick .
  • Sprinkle the basan and add 1 spoon of hot ghee at a time mix well and stir continuously. Stir .No any lumps.Add the ghee little by little and stir.( add all the remain flour and ghee little by little ).Donot stop stirring continuously to avoid lumps .keep the flame Little simmer .(very hot it spoil the sweet) .when it thick soil -like consistently add little ghee and a pinch of cooking soda .Mix well and take it out and pour on a greased plate.shake the plate gently so that the mysore pak spread evenly.when it half cooled ,cut it with a greased knife in to square required size and shape.

Making sugar syrup is very important

Add the water the sugar level 0r 1 to 1/2 inch bottom leavel of the sugar.donot add more water first mix well in the water and the sugar little melt,and keep the sugar in to the stove and make sugar syrup.keep on stirring look the sugar syrup consistency ,first it come 2 thread-like consistency and it come one thread -like consis tency .Take a small cup of water drop a little of syrup in the water or greased plate and roll it between the fore finger and thumb .Tt can rolled round and this thick syrup is called PEARL LIKE CONSISTENCY.This is the correct time add the basan and stir continuously.)

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