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cotton seeds kheer

PARUTHIPAL KANJI(paruth-tamil -cotton seeds-pal-milk-kanji-kheer )
Paruthi pal is another drink (KEER)prepared by cotton seeds, flour of raw rice, coconut and jaggery.
1 cup paruthi (cotton seeds)
1/4 cup rice
3-4 tsp cup fresh coconuts
1/2 cup coconuts milk
1 tsp dry ginger powder
1/2 tsp green cardamom powder
1-2 cup jaggery or karupatti
3-4 tsp coconuts pieces
a pinch of salt

  • Clean and wash the cotton seeds,and soak the cotton seeds and rice separately over night or 8 hours,
  • Next day add water grind the cotton seeds and take out the juice(cotton seeds milk).
  • Grind the rice and fresh coconut on rava Constancy,
  • Powdered the jaggery .(bring to boil 2 cup water add the 1 cup jaggery )and filter and get clean jaggery syrup.
  • Add the green cardamon powder,,dry ginger powder,pinch of salt and keep aside.
  • Take 2 piece of coconut cut it very small pieces and fry little ghee.(the coconut pieces are 3-4 tsp)
  • Heat a pan add the cotton juice and some water bring to boil the juice and simmer the fire ,stir .
  • Add the grind ed rice gradually in to the milk cook over simmering add little water stirring constantly with a wooden spoon ,cook the milk and rice mixture with constant string till it is of creamy consistency.till the keer thickens .
  • Add the jaggery syrup stir and give on one boil and add the coconut milk cook a minutes .remove from fire.
  • serve cold garnish with fryed coconutes.
This keer is good for cold and cough on the rainy season.cotton seeds gives body cool.

1 cup cotton seeds
1 cup pannam kalkandu or jaggery
1/4 cup rice.
1/4 cup cow milk
2 tsp dry ginger powder
1/ tsp mathi seeds(fenugreek seeds)
3-5 pepper corn(val meelagu)
1-2 thipli
1 tsp tsp coriander seeds whole
athimaduram 1 small pieces
  • Soak the rice .mathi seeds and cotton seeds separately on overnight
  • Next day grind the cotton seeds with little water take out of the juice,
  • Grind and powdered the (coriander seeds,green cardamom,pepper corn,athimathuram,thipuli,dry ginger )make a powder,
  • And grind the rice rava constancy.
  • Cook the cotton seeds milk bring to boil add and rice mixture ,fenugreek seeds and cook ,with constants string till it the rice and mathiseeds cooked and it is of creamy consistency.
  • Add pannam kalkandu and ginger masala powder and the cow milk .bring to one boil.
  • cool and serve.

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anna said...

Hi, This is my first time to your blog. Nice description and good pictures. I love paruthi paal. We dont get cotton seeds here. So I am going to try it with soy milk.