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HINDI(Awaleha,chooran) is good medicine for indigestion and acidity.This ayurvedic preparations are simple home use masala like pepper corns,aniseeds,dry ginger,peepal,thippli,long pepper,ajwan,arathai,kanda thippli,aresi thippli,asafoeitida,mill seeds,liquorice,garlic,ginger juice,gingelly oil,butter,ghee ,jaggery and honey are used.
Mostly home made lehiyam are Aniseesd lehiyam.(omam lehiyam)it good for stomack problem.
Prasava lehiyam this lahiyam given to the woman who have delivered baby.(for the after delivery )
Ginger lehiyam and Asafoetida lahiyam,it good for gastric problem and indigestion and acidity.
Deepavali lahiyam this lehiyam prepared on the festival deepavali .

Ajwain (Carum copticum)(omam,tamil)

Alpina calcarata (siddharathai)


cubeb pepper(val meelagu)
val meelagu,cubeb pepper
The rhizome of Alpinia officinarum Hance, a perennial plant, of the family Zingiberaceae. It is much like ginger, its use into curry's, stew and every dish where ginger is used.In China, it is mainly produced in Guangdong, Guangxi, Taiwan, etc.
Harvested at the turn of summer and autumn, the rhizome that has grown for 4 to 6 years is dug up and picked for use. Procedure: Remove the stems, fibrous roots and remaining scales above the ground from the rhizome, wash it clean, cut it into lengths and dry it in the sun for use when raw.
(The Galanga minor, Kaempferia galanga, is mostly used in Malaysia and Indonesia. Its aroma is less pleasant, stronger, more aromatic and 'medicinal')
Etymology: Lat. Alpinia, in memory of the Italian botanist Prospero Alpino (1533¨C1617); Lat. galanga, from Arabic khalangian, from Chinese liang-kiang, mild ginger.
Acorus calamus,Sweet flag(vasambu,)Flag root

Tamil-Vasambu,pillai valarppan,uraippan
This lehiyam can also be made using readymade powders that are available in many naatu marundu shop ,local medicine shops.
Mix the powder with two times the water and cook in a heavy bottom vessel. Add jaggery and ghee until the lehiyam comes together and the ghee is separated.
Deepavali lehiyam this lehiyam is perepared for the festival period .This lehiyam good for indigestion ,and some powdered are prepared for indigestion and acidity.
Angaiya powder,jeerana powder and til seeds powder.

Ajwain Legiyam (Awaleha)

1 cup Thyme seeds(Ajwain)
2--4 tsp Pepper
1 cup Cumin seeds
2-3 tsp Coriander seeds
Dry Ginger (chukku)a small piece
1/2 cup fresh ginger juice
2-3 Cloves
1-2 cup Jaggery
2 tsp Ghee
2 tsp gingly oil
  • Fry all above ingredients together without oil until it get golden brown,( except jaggery and ghee and gingly oil.)
  • Make a nice Finely powder them in a mixer. Mix with ¾ cup of water and make a pulp. Boil the pulp in a thick-bottomed vessel. Keep stirring continuously till it becomes thick. Add jaggery and ginger juice and stir again. Add ghee and gingly oil ,stiring continusly for another 5 minutes when the mixture leaves the side remove from fire and add honey,store in a bottle orcontainer.

Eat a small ball of lehiyam This lehiyam is very good for digestion and very good appetiser.


1 cup Aniseed (Ajwain,Omam)
1 tsp Cumin seed -

1 tsp Black cumin seed
2 tsp Black pepper
Dry Ginger - 100 gm
Ginger - small piece
1-2 cup Jaggery
1-Wash aniseed well,soak all the ingredients except jaggery and ghee in water .
2-Drain the water,grind them nicely into a paste .
3-Keep jaggery in a pan on fire , allow jaggery to dissolve,remove and strain it .
4-Keep the strained jaggery juice in a pan on fire and add the ground paste .
5-Stir well while adding ghee till the lehiyam leaves the sides of the vessel .
6-Remove it from the pan,store in a dry container.
This preparation is good for digestion

Siththarathai -Alpina calcarata (galangal) is also known as rasna in Sanskrit, kulainjan in Hindi,

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