Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Vermicelli Sabudana kheer
30 g vermicelli
10 g sabudana
1 cup milk
3 -4 T sugar
1 T Ghee
1 t fresh cream
few saffron
4-5 raisin
2 green cardamom
5-6 cashewnuts
  • Heat ghee in a karahi and fry the vermicelli lightly brown and fry the sabudana few minutes .
  • soak the saffron in 3 t milk.powdered the green cardamom.
  • soak the sabudana ,and vermicelli in a little water hot or warm water for few minutes.
  • heat a pan and fry the dry nuts in 1 t ghee and keep aside.
  • boil 2 cup of water to bring to boil the sabudana ,for few minutes stirring constantly.Till the sabudana cooked.(if requied add little water )
  • add the soaked vermicelli and cooked few minutes and add milk and simmer for 5-10 minutes cook for some time on slow fire till the kheer thickens to an even consistency.
  • add sugar and cook few minutes stirring constantly,the sugar mix well remove from fire.
  • add the roasted cashewnuts,raisin,and green cardamom powder.
  • beat the fresh cream
  • serve hot or cool garnish with cream and saffron

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