Thursday, May 15, 2008



Murabbas and candies is a way of preserving fruits and vegetables with high concentration of sugar.The principle underlying the preparation of these is to introduce the sugar syrup into the fruit gradually so as to get a concentration 0f 70 % in the final product,which in itself is enough to act as a preservative.The process of preparation of these generally requires three days,the fruit pieces cooked in the sugar syrup on 1 st day kept overnights ,so that by the process of osmosis the moisture content slowly comes out of the fruit and the sugar penetrates in it .with the result the syrup becomes much thinner ,and hence is cooked in the same way for two more days for complete penetration of sugar syrup.For candies after the cooking is complete ,the fruit is gives a crystalline appearance by coating with sugar crystals.

Fruits and vegetable like apples,amla,carrots,raw mango,bamboo,khaju,orange,cherry,ginger,papaya,gulkand and ash gourd are made into murabbas .Ginger,cherries and peel of orange,lemon etc are used to make candies.

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