Friday, April 11, 2008


Masala powder,Curry powder, is a spice mixture. It is commonly used in Indian cuisine.Most of the Indian cuisine like rasam ,sambar,all vegetable ,non vegetable curry are used many variety off powder.This masala powder are mostly all spices and pepper,red chilly ,and coriander leaves are used. Mostly all the the south are North India masala powder .Black pepper corns are used commonly.

Those day we prepared in home.we put all the masala,and spices in the hot sun for 2-3 day.(This sun -dried ,utilizing the heat of the sun ,to remove the moisture.Removing the free moisture from this spices,it can kept for longer time.) and take to the chakki..I remember i went with my grand ma.There was so long queue.we patiently wait and powdered the masala .That time i live in joined families their was 15 - to 20 member so they powder it 1 or 2 kg .It comes only for 1-or 2 month .My period of time i prepared in mixer grander. It comes 1 to 2 months .Every 2 or 3 month it is duty of making masala powder.Now go to any store .bring it .but one thing home Made masala taste's different .if you get full aroma .My mum Curry is different to my aunt preparation.Now all of them using same ready made masala powder .It give same taste ,In home or restaurant.Still i remember my mom and grandma preparation of food.My granma prepared all masala in stone grander (ammiikal,and addukal)Noth or south each family, each household has it’s own variation of this spice .This powder which has been passed on from one generation to another.

you prepare south indian cuisine you need Rasam powder,Sambar powder,vanghipad powder,chutney powder,chicken powder,fish masala powder,mutton powder,vathal kulambu powder,Tamarind rise powder,mixed dal powder.coconut powder,Red chilli powder,Coriander powder,and Turmaric powder.Red chilli powder,Coriander powder,Turmeric powder,Pepper powder are mostly used in all Indian cuisine.

you prepare North Indian cuisine you need Garam masala powder,jeera (Ani seeds)powder ,chaat masala,channa masala,pavpaji masala,sabji masala,pepper powder are used in north Indian cuisine.This complex combination of spices gives taste to the Indian cuisines.

I am from south so i use Garam masala powder only in non veg cuisine.some time mostly i prepared in home.some time i have not garam masala powder i prepared like this 1/4 t red chilli powder,1/2 t coriander powder,1/8 t jeera powder,1/8 pepper powder ,1/8 turmeric powder,1 black cardamom,1 green cardamom,2 cloves .few seeds cinnamon,,mix it and grind a powder to used any North Indian cuisine.

one thing make home masala powder before grinding all ingredients must be dried thoroughly and if necessary ,shout be put in the sundry ,or the oven for a short while so that all moisture gets evaporated.

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