Sunday, February 3, 2008



50 g Argar daal
50 g Uraddaal
1 cup Rice
4- 5 Red chiili
1/4 t Saunf
2 Onion
1 Green chiil
4-5 t ghee
salt to taste.
few curry leaves.
1/4 cup grated carrots,1/4 cup grated gabbage,1/4 cup grated coconute.


  • Soak the 1 cup rice with the arhar dal,and urad daal overnight.
  • Chopped the green chiili,and onion.
  • Greate finely carrot,gabbage and coconute .(all this for one cup)
  • Grind the rice and daals and red chilli, to a thick batter with suffcient cold water.for few minute and add sanuf,chopped onion,gheenchilli,and run the mixed few minutes.
  • Finely add the carrots,gabbage salt , curry leaves,and coconuts mix well,.
  • The dal mixed shoud be in rava contancy. like dosa batter.
  • Heat a tava and grease oil in it. spread a ladleful of the mixture evenly,apply fat all around and cook till the side turns golen brown.add few drop oil. when the under side is cooked turn over cook this side slightly .add few drop oil.when it cook.
  • serve hot with chutney.

If you want more chilli taste add 1/4 t red chiili powder.and a pinch of turmeric powder also.



100 g raage powder(ragge atta)

25 g rice powder

50 g channa dal

50 g arhar dal

50 g moong dal

50 g urad dal

(all dal shoud be equal amound)

4- 5 green chilli

ginger small piece

1/4 cup butter milk

salt to tast

1/4 t red chiili pwder

1/4 t cummin seeds powder

5-6 oil or ghee


  • Soak the dal over night.
  • Drain and grind in mixer coarsly.
  • Chopped green chilli and ginger finely.
  • Beat the butter milk.
  • Mix all the green chilli,ginger,jeera powder,red chilli powder,butter milk,and the rice powder,raggi powderand salt mix together to form batter. like dosa batter.
  • Heat a tava and grease it.spread a ladleful of mixer evenly.add oil.
  • And one side is cooked golden brown .turn other side and add oil cook few minutes,



50 G Arhar dal

25 g g Moong dal

25 g Urad dal

25 g Channa dal

100 g Rice

3 - 4 whole red chilli

1 onion

1 small green chilli

few curry leaves

few corinder leaves

1/4 cup coconut (grated)

salt to taste

2 pinch of hing


  • Soak the rice and dal ,and red chilli over night.
  • Chopped the onion and green chilli finely.
  • Drain and grind in mixer for few minutes.coarsely.
  • Add the hing and salt and chopped onion,green chilli and run the mixee at one second.
  • (if the batter is very thic add little water .the batter like dosa batter.)
  • Add the grated coconuts, curry leaves,coriander leaves.keep on 10 minutes.(In winter add 1/4 cup butter milk)
  • Heat dosa dava ,grease oil in it .take one spoon batter spread a ladleful of mixer evenly
  • one side is cooked in brown .turn other side. add oil and cook few minutes.
  • Serve hot .

This is basic Ada batter.If want add leave vegetables spinach ,methi,,carrots,cabbage,bananas flowers,tomatos,1/2 cup chopped coconutes,pumkins.and pulses. like rajma,channas,soyabeans,lobia.moong whole,urad whole.

The pules will soaked and used it.soaked with dals and grind.

,Chopped all the vegetable fine.and add to the Ada batter.make different tybe Ada. For your own taste.

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