Friday, February 15, 2008


Maida mathri


1 cup maida(200 g )

1/2 t Ajwain

10 whoke black pepper

or 1 t pepper powder

ghee for fring

oil 2 t

salt to tast


  • Shift the maida,add salt,and ajwain (if you want add pepper powder or palak paste,dry mathi powder) and rub in the oil with finger tips,
  • And make a stiff dough using little water.
  • Cover and keep in cool place for 20 -30 minutes
  • Divede the dough in to small balls.
  • Roll in to thick round 1=2 inch in diameter.
  • Insert one whole black pepper in the centre and prick with fork.
  • (using pepper powder ,prick with fork in the centre slightly,otherwise it fry like puree)
  • Heat the fat and fry mathris on slow fire till golden brown on both side
  • fry all the mathri cool and store tight container.

prepar this 1/2 perper powder and 1/2 t spinach(palak) paste ,add in to the maida.

Prick after rolling to prevent bloatind like pureeies during frying.

fry at low temperature to ensure propper cooking of the inner portion.



100 g rice powder
100 g maida

1/4 red chilli powder
salt to taste
3 t oil
3-4 t peanuts grind coarsly
ghee or fat


Sift the ricepowder and maida .add salt,red chilli powder,coarsly peanuts, and rup in the oil with finger tips,.

  • make a stiff dough using water,
  • divide the dough in to small balls and make small puree 2 inch thick round in diameter.
  • prick in the centre with fork,prick after rolling to prevent like poories.
  • heat oil in karahi deep fry the mathri in heated fat over slow fire till golden brown. serve .

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