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Sesame ,till in Hindi and ell in Tamil, sesame seeds gingelly seeds SESAMUM INDICUM .

There are 3 varieties of sesame WHITE,BLACK, AND RED.
As far as nutritive value is moisture ,protein ,carbohydrates , calcium , phosphorus ,,iron,,vitamins,minerals,plus sulphur,thiamine,riboflavin,and fat.while white has a little more calcium than the others and red has more iron.the black variety is best suited to extract oil.

A product that is equally good both for internal consumption and external application this sesame oil is used for better therapeutic,and cosmetic use as well as taste.

Sesame oil known as gingelly oil or til oil. has a unique flavour and for value it used extensively for salad.

This oil is good for skin.applying it to the body scalp and hair regularly makes the skin glow and the hair grow . in southern India every ones in a week people take oil bath use this oil. it not only keeps the hair clean but also prevents greying. most south Indian foods a sweet and sour ,preparation ,vegetable curry are using this oil.most common food puliogare,vangibhath,til rice. an olden days all the fry item made in this oil.most vegetable like brinjal,raw banana,raw jack fruit,bitter gourd,and many citrus lime varieties are preferred when making a dish using sesame Marsala .the taste of these preparation is truly delectable. using til oil in dosa,dosa powder it is very good in taste.
Nature dye1 cup black sesame take and fry in a karahi without oil ,fry in very black. put in a mixer 2 t til oil,1.2 cup curd mix in paste. keep this paste in a iron container,or iron karahi over night apply next day hair, before bath,wash the hair the gray hair look black hair. it is good for the growth of hair.

Take 1/4 cup sesame oil in the morning put in the mouth gargle few minutes. it is good mouth cleaner.

This oil is good massage oil.

Take sesame oil,olive oil,coconut oil,equal amount mix these oil use for the dry skin.

Sesame is also considered to be a dispelled of all evil and the representative DHANYA OF SATURN or SHANI.people offer sesame diyas to the Saturn lord on Saturdays and Tuesdays .Big Kadais are kept in temples of shani for people to put in the sesame and oil

I put the lord shani photo SATURN in my sound-Hindu- god- photo.

Many temples offer Prasadams to which sesame is added.


400 g white sesame
750 g jaggery.
400 g sesame and dry and fry it .
wash the sesame seed it .Remove the sand and dust,
dry it and fry in karahi without oil.

Make a jaggery syrup:
Take a 750 g jaggery put in a karahi and pour 1 cup water bring to boil. it make thick syrup add the fry ed sesame and stir till the sesame gets well coated with syrup ,switch off the fire and cool for a while. when it cool. tip the finger in drop of oil and make ladoos..shape them small lime size balls.

Burfis can be made from the same ingredients with a little extra effort.the sesame has to be ground coarsely or powder as per taste.
sesame laddus and burfis are popular with kids.

100 G Til seeds
25 g g peanuts (moongphali
) cursed100 G Jaggery
4 T Water

Pick and roast til seeds without discolouration(Remember sesame spurts a lot so carefully fry it .

  • Cut jaggery in to small pieces and add water
  • Cook syrup to soft ball stage
  • Add til seeds,peanuts,remove from fire and shape quickly into smooth balls'
sesame .white polished variety called nylon sesame

150 g white sesame
250 g peanuts
100 fried channa dal or chutney dal.cursed
50 g coconuts powder
200- 300 g g jaggery

Fry all the sesame,peanuts,fried gram,and coconut put in mixer slightly cursed this mixer
Take the jaggery and break it to lumps and cut it in small pieces mix all these ingredients well .after making sure all the ingredients are dry .store in tight.

  1. When you wand to use add 1 t ghee or til oil mix well make ladoos.or powder from .it is good fry health.if you want add dry nuts.

50 g sesame
1 t jeera
1 t urad dal
5 dry red chillis
few curry leaves
1 cup coconuts
salt to taste
1/2 lime size tamarind 1/2 size small jaggery
METHODHeat a fat in a karahi
  1. Fry the redchillis,sesame,jeera,urad dal,curry leaves,coconuts,tamarind,and salt
  2. Add all this with jaggery put it in the mixer ground in to chutney using as little water .to thic chutney is added a tbsp of heated oil with asafoetide ,it good for dosa,bread,chapaties
Sesame powder
100 g urad dal
3-4 red chillis
100 g sesame seeds
1/4 t asafoetide powder
salt to taste
Heat the pan fry the sesame without oil.Take out.

Than add 1 t oil fry the urad dal,chilles,asafoetide .
Mix sesame,salt,fryed uradal,chilliand hing .put it in the mixer .powder it.
This powder use for dosa.Make a sesame rice .Take 1cup boil rice. mix 2-3 t this powder with ghee or sesame oil.mix well.

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