Thursday, December 6, 2007




200 g maida

200 g Bengal gram dal(channa dal)

200 g jaggery

2 -3 T sesame oil, (til oil)or fat

turmeric powder a pinch

6-8 cashwanut

50 g ghee

grate coconuts or coconut powder 1- 1 1/2 cup



  1. Sift the flour add turmeric powder,sesame oil (til oil )rop in the oil finger.make a stiff dough using water.keep it for 5-6 minutes


  1. Boil the dal .it not over cook.

  2. Take the boiled channa dal(mashed the dal),jaggery,coconut powder,green cardamom powder,mix well .

  3. Fry the cashwanut in little ghee and chopped.

  4. Heat a little ghee in a pan and lightly fry the channa dal mixture for 2-3 minutes till thick and completely dry paste ,add chopped caswanut.

  5. Devided in to small lime size ball

Make a poli

Take the maida dough divde in to small balls.

Roll each ball in to a small round. place a portion of channa dal small ball in the centre.fold the dough over to cover filling and reshape in to a ball .whear it closed it put, down side . roll again in to a good round paratha.using rice powderor dry flour

heat tawa cook the poli s on a hot tawa ,

when one side is lightly cooked,turn it over and cook the other side lighly put ghee or fat fry the poli both side till golden brown in clour.

serve hot.

  • Alternately,you use substitute Moong dal for channa dal.or fry the channa dal golden browen put in the mixer and grind with coconut.
  • heat fat in a pan lightly fry the channa dal. and boil the not over boil.take and drain out the water cool it . put it in a mix make a powder it became smoth and soft. and mix the jaggery powder,fry dry coconot powder,and green cardamom powder.heat fat in a thick bottom pan fry it became thick paste.and use for filling.

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