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  1. Pulses are very important part of Indian diet. Indian cuisine are made in pulses and herbs and spices.Indian dish to cereal preparations like chapati,rice,parathas,poori,upmas,vada,idli,dosa,dhoklaand most of the food prepared .pulses are used as whole or washed,and spits dals.basan(channa dal flour) is used to make chapati,pakodas,cheelas,ladoos,and burfies.wet ground dalsa can be used in the preparation of fo fomented food like idili,dosa.addai,and dhokla.sprouted pulses can be used in to a variety of preparation like chats,raitas,paranthas,and cutlets, soak pulses are used vada,addai,kofda.and pallas.

Essentials in making pulses preparation

  1. Soak whole pulses over night to reduce cooking time.

  2. to reduce the cooking time and frothing ,add a few drops of fat oil.or til oil .

  3. avoid the use of cooking soda .it destroys vitamins B.and more soda make stomach pain.

  4. use asafoetidea (hing) and turmeric powder.ginger,garlic.becase some pulses make Gas,and we get GAS PROBLEM.

  5. Do not use hard water for cooking of pulses.the calcium and magnesium salts of hard water appear to react with pectic substances and phytates and prevent cooking of pulses.

Sprouting of pulses

whole pulses like moogdal,whole masoordal,black and white channa dal soybeans,moth be sprouted.for spouting the pulses is soaked overnight in water.the soak pulses is tied in a moist cloth and either hanged or kept on a thali and covered with a degchi for over night or 12-18 hours.

Spring water keeps the muslin cloth moist and helps in sprouting.the sprouts should be at least 1/2 "long before that are used.

This sprouting of pulses are very rich in protein.vitamin B and iron. this pulses are good for those are in diet.

sprouting reduces the cooking time and increases the digestibility of pulses.

sprouted pulses can be used for making salads,chaats,raida,pulaos as filling snacks and parathas.some pulses are used garnished\s for soups,rice preparation and salads,

1 katori (cup) pulse measure weight is 175 g -200g.

Boil Time for pressure cooking

urad dal,kabuli channa,rajma, black and white channas,are boiling time is 30 minutes

moog dal is 20 minutes,black masoordal 15 minutes.lobia 10 minutes.soya beans and blach urad whole dal is 40 minutes.

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