Thursday, November 1, 2007


Paneer curry
400 g paneer
1/2 T Turmeric powder.
1/2 Dry ginger (in tamil sukku) powder or 1 small piece.
1 black cardamom
2 green cardamom
few aniseed
1-2 cloves
1/2cumin seeds
1/2 t garam masala.
2 small stick cinamon.
few saunf seeds.
1 cup milk

  1. cut the paneer into cubes and fry little oil in golden brown.
  2. mix the dry ginger, garam masala,1 black cardamom,aniseed ,cloves,green cardamom.1 small stick cinnamon. mix and make a powder.
  3. heat oil add cumin seeds,1 cinamon stick,and saunf seeds fry and add turmeric powder,freisd panner,sald fry few minutes.add water and bring to boil.
  4. than add the masala powder and bring to boil at few minuts
  5. add 1 cup milk and bring to boil anther few minutes 3-4 minutes ,keep stirring in the gravy thick,
  6. serve hot.

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