Sunday, October 14, 2007

i am middle age women have daughter and son .i start my cooking and crochet at age of 12.we lived in joint family so my grandma,teach cooking and crochet .cross stitch,hand embroidery so .i get married at my 20 the age .travel lot in india .now i live in delhi.i know south and north indians cookery .yeary i preper south indian food later my kids are grown up they like only north indian food. my daughter get married.In this past 30 years I look after my husband and my children .so i have no time to crochet or my hand work .now i get lot of time .so make crochet and cross stitch .now i stitching crossstitch one lord ganesh .and now i interest in astrology. in my chidwood my uncle my father brother teach astrology.i know astrology. .last year i wend GANDHI ASHRAM it is cool and very peace full place. whenever i went mondir i get peace .so that day i got same feeling for that day .this is the photo. MY ENGLISH.IS VERY POOR SO KINDLY EXCUSE.

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