Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Prawn fry
500 gram Prawn
8-10 whole red chilli
1 tsp saunf
3-4 small onions
1 tomato
1 green chilli whole
1 tsp salt
4-5 garlic
3 -4 tsp oil
  • Clean and wash prawn
  • soak the red chilli and saunf in a warm water for 10 -15 minutes
  • put all the ingredients(soaked saunf,red chilli,garlic,onions,greenchilli,tomatos and salt) make a paste
  • heat oil add the masala fry for few minutes when this masala cooked and oil separate add the prawn, fry few minutes and add water(the prawn leavel +1 ") cook for 5-10 minutes when the prawn cooked simmer for another few minutes till the prawn get thick
  • serve with rice or roti

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