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The vegetable,rice food,are sun dried ,utilizing the heat of the sun ,to remove the moisture,by removing the free moisture from the vegetable,the microbial growth is checked and thus the dried vegetable can be kept for long time.

Sun-dry food is one of the most ancient and healthy methods of preserving foods. Through home food preservation, you can enjoy your favorite sun-dried fruits without the added preservatives, colors and flavors of commercially processed foods. Sun-drying your food at home is quite a simple process. It just takes the right tools and a little patience. Follow these easy steps to begin sun-drying your favorite foods today.sun dry food it contain more calcium.

The vegetables are blanched before sun drying to inactivates their enzymes,.

  • use fresh mature vegetable of good quality.

  • vegetable shout cut in convenient size for drying to hasten the process.

  • while sun drying ,the food must be neatly covered to protect from dust and insects.

  • dried vegetable shout be packed in moist proof pack agings

The sundry vegetables are potato,leafy vegetable,sunakai,tomato,beans,bitter gourd,brijal,lotus stem,raw mango,green chilli,la,snake gourd,ladies finger,parwar,capsicum,jack fruit,golkandra(tamil palupapakkai,onion,spinach,Fenugreek leaves,curry leaves,manathakali seeds,(Hindi makoy,telugu -kamanch,other name gurkhi)mint,kovai kai(kunduru, and some fruit.

In south in summer they preserve the rice(vadaham).papad ,appalam,this food are prepared rice,urad dal.vermicelli,soybeans,

south Indian festival meal is considered complete with out the serving of papads,and sun dry foods.

place the sundry food early in the morning so that they will dry in the afternoon sun.may ,June the summer month is better for sun dry,in Delhi is better only May month .

sun drying of leafy vegetables


leavfy vegetable such as spinach ,methi,bathuva,mint,curry pata,


muslin cloth

polythene bags


  • Pick and clean and wash the leaves.wash the leaves completely remove the dust and sand.

  • arrange the leaves on tray es and cover with musline clothe.

  • Dry in the sun for several days till the leaves completely dry.

  • store in a airtight container or pack in the polythene bags.

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