Monday, May 26, 2008


500 ml milk
1 tbsp arrowroot
20 - 30 g sugar
1/4 cup of double cream
3 cardamom pods
few almonds
few pistachios
few drop of rose water
2-3 drop of rose essence

  • Chopped the nuts

  • Boil a quarter of the milk,stirring constantly until very thick.

  • Set aside until completely cold.

  • Mix a little of the remaining milk with arrowroot to make paste. set aside,

  • Add the one of the cardamom pods to the remaining milk and boil.stirring constantly for 10-15 minutes .simmer the fire

  • Remove the cardamom pods.

  • Add the arrowroot paste and continue stirring till the milk thickens.

  • Stir,and add the sugar in to the hot milk till it dissolves.

  • Crushed the remaining cardamom and add the milk .stir them.

  • Add chopped nuts .stir well .remove and leave the milk cool. stirring occasionally.

  • Whisk the cream until stiff enough to hold its shape .Gently fold in to the cooled milk.

  • Stir when it cooled add the rose water and rose essence.

  • Pour in to kulfi mould .

  • Set in freezer for 2- 3 hour.

  • Beat well and return to the freezer.

  • Freeze till done.

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